Uskuper Macedonia car rental prices Skopje  range from 19.00 € to 80.00 € depending on model and rental time. Our expert team is ready for support for the best car rental Macedonia experiance

Uskuper Rent A Car, which offers high quality professional services, is fully legal, car renting group. The leaseholder must be 18 years old and have a valid international driving license. If you do not have an international driving license to rent vehicles or if you prefer not to drive, Uskuper Rent a car Macedonia offers a chauffeur service. In the car leasing process, first of all, driving license conditions are sought and contracts are signed with the renters. All the documents of the vehicles you will rent will be delivered to you as prepared by Uskuper and you will be able to continue your journey without problems.
Uskuper Rent A Car will provide you with the most favorable price policy and will provide you with a completely advantageous vehicle rental, and will provide you with the vehicle in all the models you want.
For your legal, safe and quality car rental services, the Uskuper car rental company will eliminate all negativity with professional teams and ensure that you get the best way to get to wherever you want.
All maintenance and repairs of the vehicles and roadside assistance will belong to the Uskuper rental company. The right to use belongs to the person during the rental and 24 hours uninterrupted support will be provided.

Delivery or Drop off
-You can pick up your rental car from Skopje City Center, from Skopje Airport or we can bring your rental car to the address where you are accommodating to your Hotel or Apartment.You can also pick up your rental car in one city and return it to another desired location after speaking with our staff.
Additional drivers
-Additional driver must show valid driving licenses and passport.We do not demand extra payment for the additional driver.

Outside Rental Conditions
You can get car hire services within the borders of Macedonia, as well as car hire between countries to visit all Balkan countries. It would be enough to report this in advance. In addition to the Green card international roaming insurance, you will need to pick up from our staff. You can not leave the country without the necessary documents.

Situations Outside Insurance
The insurance does not cover damages caused by causes other than fire or accident, damage caused by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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